Alive Inside

Today, I was looking to see what new movies were out. I came across the documentary Alive Inside, directed by Michael Rossato-Bennett. The winner of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Documentary Audience Award was released in theaters this past week.

The theme of the movie draws upon extensive neuroscience research that has found therapeutic benefits to personalized music.  Research within elder care facilities has found persons to be more calmly present, happier and more social, and able to deepen relationships with others when they listened to music connected with their memories.  The stimulus of music bringing what is alive inside to life!

As a coach and a consummate seeker, the title Alive Inside captured my attention. For me this is what life is all about.  Allowing what is true to our hearts and souls fruit in our day to day lives; gifting others with our unique blend of service to others.

What is alive inside of you? To where or what are you drawn? Or is there something that has been yearning to be touched and awakened, but you have not given it the attention is needs to manifest?

No matter what our age, if we are alive, we have gifts to bring; large and small.  These elders in the research study exemplify this.

How will you come alive inside today?

I encourage you to take a moment, to connect with your heart and allow… allow for what moves you.  It’s the best medicine anyone can give you.