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““Wow! Talk about a jump-start on my life again! Exactly what I needed… Nona has given me the guidance, inspiration, courage and direction to get my life back on track again. Sometimes, we come to an impasse, a place that needs to be examined and reflected upon so that we can move forward in a new, positive and exciting way. Working with Nona on a consistent basis has restored my hope and enthusiasm for life again – allowing me to dream even bigger dreams while helping me to set attainable goals to accomplish them. I’m excited for the future and thanks to Nona, I feel that I have an incredible mentor who wants and pushes me (gently) to succeed! I am blessed!””
A. L.
Business Owner and Designer
““After one year of coaching with Nona, I feel much more whole, more myself, more engaged with my life and with other people. In terms of happiness and a balanced life (health, work, finance, family, etc.) I’m miles ahead of where I would have been now if I hadn’t worked with Nona. She helped me listen to myself and hear what’s really important to me, so I could discern and commit to my highest priorities. She helped me set goals and break them down into manageable steps, so that instead of getting overwhelmed, I had a doable task in front of me. She also reminded me to celebrate my successes, even small accomplishments. As a result of this year of coaching, I’m more in love with life, engaged with my family and community, attuned to what I need, aware of what inspires me, and I feel more fully present in my life, in my world, here and now. I’m deeply grateful, always”.”
L. H.
Writer and Freelance Editor
““Before I met Nona, I didn’t have a sense of direction in my life. I was going through the motions, unhappy and unsatisfied with what life had to offer me. Nona helped me face my fears and build confidence to achieve my goals. She listened with a kind heart and empathy, creating a space where I can express myself and bring out my potential. I am so grateful to have her support in my journey to self-discovery. I have found my purpose in life again. Most importantly, I gained a greater sense of well-being and peace within myself. Thank you Nona, you helped me embrace myself with love and compassion.””
Postdoctoral Scholar
““Because of Nona’s coaching I was able to set goals that enabled me to successfully complete an intense year-long design project. I plan to incorporate the strategies she taught me to complete a book this spring. Her level of dedication, thoughtfulness and compassion are beyond compare and you won’t find a better cheerleader to have in your corner. She truly makes it her purpose to help you find your purpose and I am so thankful for her help and guidance.””
A. J. S.
Business Owner and Writer
““Working with Nona through her Life and Wellness coaching has given me much needed clarity in my career path. She was able to keep me working towards my goals with small steps so I was not overwhelmed with the big picture. Nona helped me to stay focused by holding me accountable for daily actions that lead me to make important decisions regarding my career. I will forever be grateful for working with such an amazing woman.””
““Nona helped me reach my goals. I wanted to use time more effectively and to create more rhythm in daily life. Nona helped me be accountable to myself. For years I had been struggling to be consistent with meditating, walking, reading and making time to write. She always found a helpful question to assist me in discovering my own answers. She was right with me, supporting and cheering. I felt heard, seen, and affirmed. I recommend her as a caring and compassionate coach. She is professional, respectful and encouraging.””
D. B.
Interfaith Minister
““My coaching experience with Nona came at a perfect time in my life. I had recently retired and was looking for direction as I moved into a new phase of my life. With Nona’s guidance I identified priorities and set short-term and long-term goals. She held me accountable for realistically accomplishing tasks each week that led to meeting those goals. Encouraged by her perceptive questions, I gained personal insight and set a course for the future.””
E. S.
““I reached out to a life coach to get some guidance and clarity on the many projects/ideas I constantly seem to be juggling. From the initial conversation, I could tell that Nona had the gift of listening without passing judgment. She helped me to focus on what I truly want most in life, and how to accomplish my goals one small step at a time without feeling overwhelmed. Her gentle encouragement each week, as well as the accountability factor of having our phone call to discuss the goals, really kept me on track and paved a path for a more balanced life. I am very grateful for the experience and would recommend it to anyone who needs a little push, or is looking to discover what it is they truly desire. Nona was wonderful!””
L. B.
“”Nona has the wonderful gift of listening: she can listen to the energy within me whether that’s joy, confusion, struggle, or frustration. She not only listens to the words I speak but also the space between the words. I’ve faced many difficult parts of myself with her help. I find her support, kindness, and thoroughness in getting to the root of the problem a tremendous gift on my journey. She has many ideas, many tools/ways to get to where I’d like to go and I’ve really enjoyed that. I look forward to our sessions knowing that she works with a lot of dedication and passion to help me help myself.””
L. L.
Senior Management Consultant
““Thank you, Nona for all your support. During my crisis, you were a calm and assuring voice In the middle of the frantic voices in my head. You affirmed my spirit and watched out for my wellbeing when I often wasn’t. Your guidance and ability to help me dig deeper through the coaching process helped to bring some important personal boundaries into being. You were light when mine was a bit dim. Thank you so much for your support during a difficult time.””
Sacred Creative Collaborator and Coach
““Therefore, endeavor as much as thou art able in order to illumine the lamp of thy heart by the light of love. – Abdu’l-Bahá Nona synthesizes the essences of Spiritual Mastery, Intuitive Flair, Healing Antidotes, and a plethora of practical knowledge in Business and Psychology into her Practice. Yet I can attest, that loftiest value of Nona’s coaching for me, is that during my endeavors I know I have eternal support and gratitude for following my inspirations to elevate humanity through modeling truth and creating ‘spaces’ for the evolution of the soul. Few are open enough to understand, engage in, and honor this portion of my journey, yet her hand and heart temper my strength as I bleed light into the here, and now.””
Personal and Brand Development
““I cannot say enough great things about Nona and her services. I stumbled upon her website and thought about calling for a few weeks. I wasn’t sure if I really needed coaching and I didn’t know exactly what having a coach was all about. With the first meeting I knew I was in the right place. I felt a sense of gratitude and excitement about going on a journey with Nona. She started by listening and getting to know me. Then the work started. She was there to guide me, encourage me and keep me accountable each week when we were together; always gracefully and empathetically. After each meeting I felt renewed, peaceful and confident in myself. I knew I was in a safe place and could let my fears rise up. Between meetings she was always an email or phone call away; available to guide me through any hurdle and celebrate every victory. Beyond reaching my goals that I set for myself, Nona helped me discover myself. my truths and my strengths. By our last meeting, I felt empowered to continue on my journey confidently. I gained a sense of pride and knew that with the tools she helped me discover, I could conquer anything. I know if I ever stumble or need encouragement on my journey I can call on her to help guide me back on my path. The universe guided me to her and I am eternally grateful. I have told family and friends about her and would recommend anyone looking for a change- no matter how big or small to give her a call. You are worth it!””
T. L.
Stay at Home Mom