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I am Nona Trealoff a certified Life, Success, and Wellness Coach. I am passionate about supporting people in identifying and taking action to manifest their unique vision that is imbued with meaning and purpose and greater wellbeing.

Having grown up as a cowgirl on a Wisconsin farm, provided me with a special blend of down- to- earth naturalness, a strong work ethic, a love for health and wellbeing topped off by an insatiable curiosity for and need to explore what lived beyond my rural roots.  I recall early on being fascinated by other cultures, consciousness and beauty. This intrigue eventually took me to study fashion merchandising in NYC. The result was a successful 13-year career in international fashion design and merchandising for some well-known upscale New York and European fashion houses.   This career gifted me with opportunity to travel globally and to interact and learn from people from varied walks for life; satiating my ongoing interest in diversity, consciousness, creativity, and refinement.  My outward persona had shifted.

And then, at the end of 1994, my life took a turn. I was guided back to my homeland by the lure of my (now) husband, who as a thoroughbred cowboy had no interest in relocating to New York. My pioneer roots were empowered again. I committed to making a move that I had never thought I would make, vowing to a deep inner commitment to manifest another true form of my work in the world. I did not know then what the road would look like exactly. But when, my pursuits related to anything fashion seemed to dry up, I turned to those ongoing early promptingsof my youth that kept me intrigued all of these years.

Over the last 18 years, I have become a bit of a soul friend. I have acquired education, skill and experience serving as a holistic integrative helping professional working as a psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and healer for non-profit agencies as well as in private practice.   You can check out my credentials below.

As I continued to integrate my experiences, the inner encouragement to assimilate my life’s journey into meaningful work became more poignant. In 2010, I chose to take what I had gathered and pursue my passion, as a coach, of supporting persons living lives with greater meaning and wellbeing. It feels as if all roads led me here;to my true calling.

I relish working with individuals from around the globe who are intent on creating and living the life that they truly love and sharing their gifts with others.

I now live in the rural Saint Croix River Valley area near River Falls, Wisconsin with my husband, Jeff and our dog, Jack.