Nona & You

Wellness Coach

  • Do you long to embrace yourself and breath wellbeing into every aspect of your life? • Have you tried to make some healthy changes in your lifestyle… but have been unsuccessful in meeting your goals? • Do you crave to savor life, simple and pure? Wellbeing encompasses the whole of our lives. Your … Co ... Read More

Success Coach

What is success for you? Where is your Inner Compass pointing? The classical definition of success may be described as the accomplishment of a particular aim or goal or the achievement of a level of social status. Sometimes definitions can feel a bit heady or outside us, taking us away from our inner GPS. I … Continue r ... Read More

Life Coach

Are You Ready to Dream with Your Eyes Wide Open? I am a Life, Success and Wellness Coach I encourage you to notice what moves in you as you explore these categories. Notice if a spark comes alive in you, perhaps one that you have ignored long enough. Notice, if it is time to take … Continue reading Read More